MBA Educational Leadership and Management

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24 months

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Anglia Ruskin University 2019

About this Course

Embarking on this MBA is a clear signal to your employers that you’re strongly motivated to succeed. Tailor your studies to focus closely on your current role and boost your educational leadership and management skills to an advanced level. 

Studied by distance learning, our MBA in Educational Leadership and Management responds to the growing demand for new and innovative service methods. It’ll hone and develop your existing management and leadership skills, giving you the opportunity to reflect on contemporary practices and theories and enabling you to push forward in a leadership or management role in your workplace for the benefit of both pupils and staff.

Modules are relevant whether you’re working in the UK or overseas, employed in a leadership or management role or simply taking on parts of the job in your teaching position. The distance learning elements are interactive, where you’ll participate in online discussion. You’ll also use text, audio and video as well as e-books and e-journals and wider research online. You’ll be able to discuss key topics with fellow students and tutors.


This module will focus on developing a deeper understanding of effective strategic planning in order to achieve organisational aims. Students will need to be able to make clear links between the strategic planning and the strategic vision of their institutions. They will engage with theoretical models that will encourage them to evaluate and review existing provision and to consider planning for improved management within their institutions. They will combine independent reading and wider research with focused work based learning to draw from real context experience and practice. They will develop an implementation plan in the form of a presentation complete with rationale and reflective commentary.

Within this module students will engage in theory and wider research in relation to performance evaluation, leading change, and improvement planning and change management. Students are required to use metrics and their knowledge and understanding of benchmarking performance in order to identify an area of practice that would benefit from improvement they will produce a critically reflective commentary that will provide the underpinning rationale for the action plan, linked to models of good practice. The commentary will be required to evidence a deep level of understanding of change management and include proposed strategies for mitigating against any perceived barriers to change.

This module will enable students to engage in a process of critical evaluation and analysis to focus upon systems for managing information, relationships including staff and stakeholders, communication and reporting. Ensuring knowledge is managed effectively in order to provide comprehensive information that will facilitate efficient leadership and management in relation to staff, stakeholders, finance, facilities and measures for dealing with wider policy issues. This module encourages students to focus on internal and external systems in order to engage in a meaning review of their own organisation whilst drilling down to evaluate procedural systems and the effectiveness of information management. The module will concentrate on programme rather than project management and students will not only review and evaluate their own systems and processes, but also engage in wider research by comparing and contrasting management systems across other organisations; either from education, associated

disciplines such as health or social care or from industry.

This module offers students the opportunity to develop specialist knowledge and expertise in an area of personal and professional interest, relating to education. The notion of enquiry used in this module is broad and is intended to reflect the contributions which students bring to advanced study of education from both their academic and professional contexts. Students may pursue individual or small group enquiries or a larger group of students may work, with a specialist tutor, to enquire into an agreed subject area together.

The module examines diverse approaches to educational research and explores research ethics, methodologies, methods and design. The module will draw upon a range of research literature and theory so that students are exposed to the idea of challenging existing theoretical stances and philosophical aspects of educational research. The module is designed to support the needs of postgraduate students who are ready to prepare a major project proposal. This module will incorporate peer group and tutor-facilitated discussions and observations plus tutor inputs and small group and whole group study.

The Major Project, which is central to the Masters award, enables students to demonstrate their ability to synthesise learning from previous modules and use this learning as the basis for planning, conducting and writing up a research or work-based project. This project provides the opportunity for students to demonstrate: the ability to raise significant and meaningful questions in relation to their specialism; depth of knowledge which may involve working at current limits of theoretical and/or research understanding; critical understanding of research methods and its relationship to knowledge; awareness of and ability to develop solutions to ethical dilemmas likely to arise in their research or professional practice; the ability to draw meaningful and justifiable conclusions from information which may be complex or contradictory; the capability to expand or redefine existing knowledge to develop new approaches to changing situations and contribute to the development to best practice; the ability to communicate these processes in a clear and sophisticated fashion; the capability to evaluate their work from the perspective of an autonomous reflective learner. 

In the course of your studies with us you may generate intellectual property which is defined as an idea, invention or creation which can be protected by law from being copied by someone else. By registering with us on your course you automatically assign any such intellectual property to us unless we agree with the organisation covering the cost of your course that this is retained by them. In consideration of you making this assignment you will be entitled to benefit from a share in any income generated in accordance with our Revenue Sharing Policy in operation at that time.

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Entry Requirements​

  • Applicants should normally have a good first degree or National College ADSBM and have a minimum of 2 years experience of employment in a related field, this does not need to have been at a leadership or managerial level. International students will be required to demonstrate the university standard of English language (IELTS) at Level 6.5 (Academic level), including written English, prior to commencement on a course. Students who do not meet this requirement will be advised to seek support from Anglia Ruskin University’s Language Centre.

  • Applicants should be working within an educational context within a role that includes Leadership and Management responsibility. All students will need access to broadband internet in order to download module content and engage in streamed content where appropriate.

MBA Educational Leadership and Management

Embarking on this MBA is a clear signal to your employers that you’re strongly motivated to succeed

Delivered & Awarded by

Anglia Ruskin University 2019


24 months


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