BA (Hons) Level 6 International Business (Top-Up)

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6 months

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University of Gloucestershire

About this Course

his programme is perfect for international students and it tops up their existing qualification to a bachelor’s degree in one year. The course includes key management modules such as change management, global operations management and cultural issues in management.

Ranging from topics such as Logistics, International Marketing, Financial and Currency Risk and Cross-cultural Communication, this course will shape your future for a global business career and give you the skills and knowledge necessary to think on an international level.


  • Project manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Management consultant
  • Operational researcher
  • Retail manager
  • Sales manager


This module sheds lights on the significance of cultural norms and identities based on attitudes, beliefs and values and the way in which business is conducted is affected. It focuses in-depth on organisational strategy and behaviour, which in turn will bring about successful outcomes in the business environment.

Operation managers are increasingly driven to think on an international scale, owing to globalisation. By studying this module, you will have the opportunity to build upon previous study and look further into the way in which businesses run in a strategic manner in a global environment. Key international operation management themes such as logistics network planning and international outsourcing will be discussed in this unit. It will give you further knowledge about the processes and management skills required for international operation.

The nature and process within an organisation is continuously changing. This module focuses on how that change is managed and students are given the opportunity to learn through the use of examples from the private, public and third sector. Students will also gain knowledge on corporate decision making and how it affects groups and individuals.

This module gives students the opportunity to learn from a wide range of previous studies. Students can develop on their practical skills which are necessary, when it comes to the creation of sustainable new ventures. The idea is for students to work in small teams by selecting an entrepreneurial idea and work together to develop a business plan, which would be later presented and discussed with an expert panel.

This module is suitable for those students who wish to pursue a career in self-employment and entrepreneurship. Students can share and discuss problems that may arise at various stages of the development of business plans.

Students can further focus on the corporate responsibility of an organisation, by learning in depth about the global responsibility agenda, being promoted by UN Global Compact, EFMD and other similar organisations. This module focuses on the obligations that a company must fulfill in a global stakeholder society. Themes such as ‘global common good’ and ‘act as agents for world change’ will be explored further through this module.

 In this module, students will be given the opportunity to select a title from a range of titles that will be provided via the module tutor. The aim of this module is to demonstrate to students, the ability for independent learning, research, analysis and evaluation of appropriate literature.

Students are given the opportunity to analyse and examine issues related to business and the international market place. They can investigate strategic issues in the international environment, using contemporary examples. Topics such as debt, market development, finance, labour mobility are a few of the examples, and will be presented based on the issues of the day.  

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Entry Requirements​

  • Hold a Diploma from a recognised institution
  • A Higher National Diploma (SQA and Edexcel)
  • Pass in a year 3 (of 4) of a degree
  • 3 term course: IELTS 6.0 (with a minimum of 5.5 in all skills) or equivalent
  • 4 term course: IELTS 5.0 (with a minimum of 5.0 in writing and reading) or equivalent
  • The Centre also accepts other Secure English Language Tests (SELTS) for this course.

BA (Hons) Level 6 International Business (Top-Up)

Learn more about current global business context and issues and policies in the private and public sector.

Delivered & Awarded by

University of Gloucestershire


6 months


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