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How to Maintain a Killer LinkedIn Profile

Before LinkedIn existed, it was almost impossible for to get acquainted or connected with potential recruiters and colleagues with similar skills and expertise. Today, LinkedIn is known to be the largest professional social network and is growing at an impressive rate of 2 new sign-ups per second. Our latest blog summarises how best to maintain a good LinkedIn profile:

Career Options With a Degree in Psychology

The field of psychology is rapidly growing, knowledge wise as well as in the number of professionals employed in the field. A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology serves as a valuable starting point for numerous career paths:

Your Checklist Prior To Starting Your Online Degree

If you, like so many others, have discovered the advantages of an online degree, it’s a wonderful opportunity to keep pursuing your higher education without having to attend a physical university. This checklist can help you enrol for the right programme, balance studying with your other responsibilities, and have an altogether successful online college experience.

Your Options after a Bachelor’s Degree in Business

A Bachelor’s degree in Business opens up many doors for you to decide what you should do next. You have two basic choices: dive into work or pursue further studying. But even within those two choices you will have a number of different paths, so it is important to figure out which fits best with where you want to go in life:

Top 5 Advantages Of An Online Degree

The demand for online education is higher than ever before. To keep up with rapid changes in today’s competitive marketplace, it’s almost given that you need to invest in education to survive. While there are over a dozen benefits you stand to gain by opting for an online education, let’s take a look at some of the important facts:

Why Employers Value Interpersonal Skills

“Your career success in the workplace of today – independent of technical expertise – depends on the quality of your people skills.” – Max Messmer. Interpersonal skills are associated with emotional intelligence, which essentially means having the ability to understand your emotions as well as of others.

Life After Graduation

The days of feverish studying, assignments and exams are finally behind you! The world is now your oyster; but stepping away from that ‘student life’ and trying to figure out what’s next can be a daunting prospect. Here are a few useful tips on how best to embrace post-graduation life:

Making The Right Career Choice

While it’s certain that there are no set rules to the right or wrong career, it is ultimately up to us to make that choice. There are an overwhelming number of different career choices available today and an equal amount of educational programmes to support those careers. So how will you pick one that’s right for you? It may sound like an insurmountable task, but really it isn’t.

How to Make the Most Out of an Online Degree

Perhaps you are thinking about flying off to a new country to pursue your studies but you’re in split minds because it’d be impossible to do so without quitting your job. The ideal and equal alternative to this is to opt for an online Bachelor’s degree. This blog covers five tips that will prove quite useful when studying through an online setting.

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