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The Debate: General MBA vs. Specialised MBA

Today, students are faced with an increasing number of options to choose from, in order to find that specific MBA programme that matches their goals and learning style. Which bring us to the fundamental question; Should you choose an MBA programme that offers a broad-based curriculum or one that concentrates on a specific field?

How to handle your job and studies at the same time?

Keeping one’s job and studying simultaneously requires more sacrifices compared to a full-time student. Apart from that, social life and family must also be squeezed into the daily routine, not to mention the all-important personal time. What steps can be taken to find the perfect work-study balance?

The long-term benefits of securing a degree

Go to college, graduate, get a job, earn well, buy a house and raise a family. That is the dream, right? It’s not always that simple, but it all starts with an educational degree. Earning a degree is a milestone, both personally and professionally. What are the long-term benefits?

Does an online degree guarantee employment?

Does an online degree guarantee employment?

The demand for online education is skyrocketing, thanks to changes in lifestyles, technology advances and the availability of quality education offered by accredited online course providers and universities. What are the benefits?

5 New Ways to Use Corporate Training Effectively

At a time when it’s most difficult to please people, thanks to smartphones, on-demand entertainment and social media, how can a short course or a training programme be used as a motivator?

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