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About Navitas

Navitas is a world leader in developing and providing educational services and learning solutions, and continually adapts to meet the needs of the changing global environment.

Navitas has locations throughout Australia, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, and over 80,000 current students. Navitas aims to provide a path to navigate to success, overcoming challenges and achieving your goals of further study, of progression in your chosen career, or expanding into new fields.

Navitas specialises in:

  • University pathway programs
  • Health and social service education
  • Creative media education
  • Professional and industry placement
  • English language
  • Settlement services

Navitas has on-campus study options at nine university partners across the UK as detailed below.

Partner Universities

  • Undergraduate Programmes
  • Postgraduate Programmes

    The pathway program model explained

    Many students who study internationally are faced with the challenges of English as a second language, of adapting to a new culture, and a different education system.

    Navitas English language and pathway programs ensure students are given the extra support and assistance needed to succeed at a higher education level. In Australia and the UK, domestic students are able to enrol in Navitas colleges to take advantage of the supportive environment to enhance their academic potential.

    Students who successfully complete Navitas pathway programs and meet partner entry requirements progress directly into the second year programs at the partner university.

    Pathway programs are located on the partner university’s campus. Students use libraries, computer laboratories, recreation facilities, common areas and other general student services as well as having access to student clubs and societies. This enhances the student experience and aids retention as students integrate into campus life in that first year, making the move to second year much easier.

    Study In The UK

    Through our partnership with Navitas, we bring nine reputed universities for you to study in across the the UK.

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