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This diploma provides comprehensive coverage of the issues, challenges and disciplines growth organisations or business start-ups face. Learners who want to make a success of their own business venture or to develop their skills in promoting or creating growth in organisations will gain significantly from this qualification. The inspired student or entrepreneur will gain valuable insights into the characteristics, skills, resources and tools required to drive a growing organisation or business start-up forward. Learners will be required to be proactive and engage with businesses that have growth strategies or start-ups with ambition. Learners will be expected to create ideas and plans that support their personal business goals or those of organisations that they are involved with. The Level 5 units are also designed to dove-tail into a top-up undergraduate year at a UK University.


The focus for this module is to develop understanding of the role of entrepreneurial activity in new venture creation and to explore the different approaches to running a fast growth organisation. A distinction is made between the individual entrepreneur and the role of enterprise and creative thinking as a means of achieving fast growth. The module combines the intellectual and practical skills of the learner in the understanding and critical evaluation of the entrepreneurial process, and its emerging role in new business formation and growth. It combines the twin concepts of entrepreneurship with the management of a growing business. The module will be of interest to anyone who wishes to manage a growing organisation as distinct from working in a larger corporate business.



  1. Understand entrepreneurial thinking and its impact on new ventures
  2. Investigate the role of the entrepreneur
  3. Evaluate the role of SME’s in the economy

This module offers an overview of the “modern world” and how the individual firm, large or small, can respond positively to a global business environment.



  1. Appreciate the role of ethics and culture and impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on organisation decisions and growth
  2. Analyse internationalisation and its impact on organisation growth
  3. Evaluate the role of managers and others on the success of organisations

This module focus on understanding the business development options that are available to faster growth organisations. The module borrows from the literature on strategy, marketing and entrepreneurship to identify the choices that need to be made to sustain a rapidly growing business. As well as looking at different growth models, the models look at entrepreneurial orientation and entrepreneurial learning as means of accelerating growth in smaller organisations. It also explores success and failure and how these can be measured as risk coping strategies. It is aimed at anyone who wishes to work in a growing business by developing the enterprising mindset that facilitates creative thinking.



  1. Understand what can drive a growth organisation
  2. Assess the value of growth models and how these can be applied in a business context
  3. Appreciate differences in business models and using models to gain competitive advantage

The key themes to this module examine the ways in which successful firms become market orientated to include becoming customer centred and creating sustainable competitive advantages. Core marketing concepts such as differentiation, value added and positioning are used to show how growth firms respond and adapt to changing market environments. This module will be of interest to anyone who wishes to explore new market opportunities, within an existing growth firms by creating a new business within a business.



  1. Develop a critical insight into marketing models and marketing concepts
  2. Use market research methods and identify opportunities in the market
  3. Develop market entry plans and understand the influence of suppliers

The module provides an appreciation of the role entrepreneurial thinking with reference to business start-up process and the preparation of a business plan. The module looks at the ways in which successful firms research plan and test a business idea and the early stages of setting up a business.



  1. Demonstrate business planning skills
  2. Produce evidence of the viability of a business idea.
  3. Prepare a working business model and plan

This module will allow learners to understand the essence of entrepreneurship, management and leadership in social organisations and whether this differs from the same elements in any other for profit business. It concentrates on matching social goals with revenue streams to create a social organisation that is self-sufficient and can deliver services to vulnerable members of the community. Emphasis is placed on identifying new revenue streams that will ensure the independence of a third sector organisation. Consideration is also given to the role of stakeholders and how their expectation can be managed.



  1. Understand the role and importance of social enterprises in the economy
  2. Recognise successful revenue sources and business models used by social enterprises
  3. Identify formulae for success within social organisations

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Entry Requirements​

  • Learners who possess Qualifications at Level 3 and/or 4.
  • Learners who have work experience and demonstrate drive and ambition to start their own business, or work in business development.

Qualifi Diploma in Business Enterprise

The Level 5 diploma provides comprehensive coverage of the challenges that organisations face

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