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This Level 8 diploma is designed for developing and implementing effective strategies across ambitious growing organisations. Strategic management is for Executive Directors and Senior Managers and for those who have the authority and personal inspiration to translate organisational strategy into effective corporate performance. The Diploma requires aspiring or current directors and senior managers to build a knowledge and understanding in strategic direction and leadership and to focus growth and performance across all levels of an organisation; making it competitive and responsive to acquiring tomorrow’s business. The diploma is accredited at the post graduate Level 8.


The unit explores the links between leadership and management at the strategic level. Different leadership styles and underlying principles and concepts will be considered. The unit will explore how team performance can be evaluated and optimised to realize strategic business and operational objectives. The unit covers the links between strategic management and leadership, key leadership principles, theory and organisational strategy.



  1. Be able to understand the relationship between strategic management and leadership
  2. Be able to recognise leadership qualities that support organisational mission and values
  3. Be able to make use of different leadership strategies and understand their impact on organisational direction

The aim of the unit is to develop the learner’s knowledge and understanding of academic practice and approaches to research. It utilises a problem‐based learning approach to develop your practical competence in aspects appropriate to academic practice and research in business and management.



  1. Be able to understand and apply different research methods that can provide realistic and applicable outcomes
  2. Be able to use standard research methodologies
  3. Be able to produce research reports

This unit is about strategic leadership skills required by directors and senior managers to successfully lead international organisational strategic activity working with partners’ buyers, suppliers, customers and competitors.



  1. Be able to identify personal skills required to deliver strategic leadership ambitions
  2. Be able to manage personal leadership development to support achievement of strategic leadership ambitions  
  3. Be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategic leadership development plan
  4. Be able to assess the impact of strategic leadership development on the success of international organisational strategy

This unit addresses strategy development for cross-border or global organisations that face challenges that include political, religious, cultural and social divides and the administrations of organisations operating within particular countries or boundaries.



  1. Be able to establish a process for developing and formulating strategy
  2. Be able to analyse and evaluate the factors that influence strategy
  3. Be able to lead the process of developing and formulating strategy

The unit examines the range of influences and impacts on cross-border or global organisations and how that contributes to successful strategy formulation and the management of risk.



  1. Be able to analyse the planning and implementation of existing inter-organisational strategies
  2. Be able to analyse the theories and methods of strategy formulation used
  3. Be able to evaluate the role and impact of strategic intelligence
  4. Be able understand and utilise the impact of cultural differences based on research

This unit will allow senior strategic managers to explore the influences and impacts upon cross-border and global policy and strategy. It will support improvements in setting direction, the approach to and in forecasting success of cross-border or global policy and strategy



  1. Be able to evaluate the influences upon policy and organisational strategies
  2. Be able to assess the roles of relevant partners in the formulation of inter-organisational strategy
  3. Be able to evaluate the impact of economic factors in cross border or globalorganisational policy objectives and strategy
  4. Be able to improve cross border and global organisational strategy, planning and implementation
  5. Be able to posit a future view of how trends and events can and will influence cross border and global organisational policy and strategy

The unit aims to develop the ability to critically assess and appreciate the impact of media for international organisations. It considers stakeholders, political and pressure groups as well as the part played by media owners.



  1. Be able to ascertain the significance of media on international organisational strategy
  2. Be able to evaluate the impact of global and everpresent media on stakeholder opinion

This unit aims to develop deep understanding of the complexities of organisations that operate internationally and how that affects strategy development. The unit will use reasoned and researched perspectives and aims to develop alternative perspectives.



  1. Be able to evaluate and critique international organisational policy and strategy
  2. Be able to evaluate the impact of cultural influences on international organisational decisionmaking
  3. Be able to challenge the nom concepts of stakeholder power, status and roles

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Qualifi Diploma In Strategic Management And Leadership​

This Level 8 diploma is designed for developing effective strategies across organisations

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